Objectives Business Center Multan

Following Are The Major Objectives Of This Project:

  • Data collection for business profiling and need-based assessments of SMEs.
  • Organize demand-based trainings to aid capacity building, sustainable growth of regional SMEs and new business ventures.
  • Identification of Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs) for capacity building and sustainability of SMEs.
  • Develop working relationships with Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Trade Bodies and Financial Institutions for strengthening sustainable growth of SMEs.
  • Developing Programs for instrumental handholding with SMEs in developing investment proposals providing help in collaboration with DFIs for financing opportunities.
  • Promulgate information regarding corporatization, Taxation and other regulatory procedures and compliance requirements to different segments of SME’s.
  • Identification of region-specific investment opportunities and Over The Counter (OTC) products development.