Business Development Facilitation

The availability of symmetrical information in terms of products and services being offered between larger firms and SMEs which plays an important role in facilitating market linkages. Nevertheless, the access to standard and up to date organizational profiles of firm’s promote large scale manufacturers to procure, outsource manufacturing and distribution to SMEs. Therefore, this section contains organizational profiles of SMEs/ Firms of South Punjab. The objective is to bridge the information gap on business opportunities in the region with focus on products and services. The information is based on the feedback from the relevant private sector stakeholders.

Major Business Development Services:

  • Business Information and Advice
  • Guidance of Regulatory Compliance, Business Registration and Taxation
  • Linkage with Financial Institutions and Public Sector Organization
  • Networking with Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Trade Bodies, Associations, Public & Private Academia and Research & Institutes.
  • SME Business Development Needs Assessment
  • SME Profiling and Database
  • Identification of regional investment opportunities and OTC development
  • The execution of business deal shall be the sole responsibility of the concerned parties. SMEBFC Multan will not be liable of any business arrangement.